The Early Giantess Crushes the Tiny Man, by Evil Laura

[reproduction of a story originally posted to Laura's website]

"June 18th, 1998 - Definite Version

Disclaimer: this story contains various passages not suitable for a healthy brain to digest and it is intended for the seriously demented only - the author included. If you don't fit in this category, please leave now or continue and consider yourself forewarned. My target audience is, mostly, pathetic tiny men who get their kicks from reading about the exploits of sexy evil women as myself. You'll all get a chance to appear here and be squashed, my dear slaves, I assure you. And, secondly, this story is also intended for my peers, my fellow evil giantesses, in the understanding that collaboration and communication are the best ways to crush as many men as possible. Keep squishing, gals!

Note: my first two stories (currently posted on Huy's page, the Giantess Addiction) deal with the theme of shrinking. But on account of many slaves' requests, and because I also love to be a mega giantess, I'm starting this second series, in which I'm the one who grows. So, point is: I fully intend to continue to regularly add new parts to both series, don't worry. I was planning to finish this one here before distributing it, but it would have been too long a story. Better to distribute it in installments. For references about who I am and why I write this, I refer you all to my very 1st part, the one posted on Giantess Addiction and dated March 27th, 1997. And keep getting crushed, boys!

The Early Giantess Crushes the Tiny Man

by the Goddess of Perversity Herself, Evil Queen Laura, a.k.a. Tormentress Supreme, Epitome of Satanic Loveliness, Towering Titaness of Destruction, Evil Seductress, Omnipotent Deity Of Destruction, Tormentress from Hell, Titanic Goddess of Terror, Evil Incarnate, Destroyer of Men, etc. (I haven't made up any of these titles - they are all sweet flatteries from my slaves; as they come up with more titles, I'll add them to the list...)


As soon as Mr. Dixbulry opened the door of his house, he saw me sitting on his lawn and gasped. The poor fellow just stood there, paralyzed, gawking at me, blinking. I gave him my sweetest, warmest smile but Mr. Dixbulry didn't even have the courtesy of smiling back. How inconsiderate! I immediately stepped on him.

He had been Ian's next door neighbor for as long as I could remember. A real nice fellow, he kind of reminded me of Ned Flanders, from 'The Simpsons.' Middle aged, retired, bald, slightly fat, married to a plump blonde about his age and with two or three kids in college - I could never really remember. Sometimes, when I was staying at Ian's, they would come over to have dinner or play cards, these kind of things. And we often went to their place too, of course. Doris - that's her name - used to make the most delicious banana pie ever. I even recalled the day when Ian had left for work earlier than usual and my car simply wouldn't start, so the solicitous Mr. Dixbulry helped me fix it, himself becoming late for work. As I said, a really nice Ned-Flanders-like gentlemanly kind of guy.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I thought of all this BEFORE I stepped on him, as he was gawking at me. Only then did I actually do it. His scared eyes were visible between my toes right until the last second. Mr. Dixbulry disappointed me. I would never have imagined he could be so sloppy! He made a mess out of my foot!

Really, stepping on people is sure fun but I can't stand all the dried blood. It's just... I don't know... gory! So, while I was waiting for Ian to come open the door, I sat down and dipped my foot in his swimming pool. Of course my whole foot didn't fit on it and I had to clean my toes first and then my heels.

So far, everything was going on just as usual. Mr. Dixbulry always showed up on his doorstep when I visited Ian. He was pretty much always at home and when he heard the bell ringing, he usually came outside to greet me and arrange for some dinner or poker game, etc. Mr. Dixbulry liked me so much that he always said that now that his daughter was away in college, I was like his stepdaughter. I like the sound of it. Stepdaughter. Stepped on by his beloved stepdaughter. That's a wicked thing to do.

What was unusual so far was that now, obviously, I was a giantess and, even weirder, that Ian was taking so long to answer the freaking door! Ok, I admit it, I hadn't told him I was coming and it was still early morning, but I was just too excited. As soon as I realized I had somehow become a giantess (don't ask me how, I have no idea!!) I simply had to tell him, show it to him! I had just run across the city - which took me about five steps - and here I was ringing his bell, sitting on his lawn and dipping my gigantic toes in his swimming pool.

I was still wriggling my toes in the water when Ian showed up: "Laura!"

"What?" I said. He immediately composed himself. Ian's probably the coolest, calmest person I've ever met - and that's one of the reasons why I love him. Oh, don't get this point wrong too: I love him very much.

"What are you doing out there like that? You might catch a cold!" That's my man. Not a word about the indecency of going around naked or about realizing that his girlfriend had become a giantess.

"My clothes didn't grow with me, sorry. Don't you invite me in?"

"You wouldn't fit." He was silently and inquisitively looking at me. No fear, no surprise: he was simply thinking and observing. As usual, his eyes ran down my legs - have I mentioned that he has the most obsessive foot fetish?

"Why is my pool red?"

"I'm sorry, dear." I explained "I'm trying to wash the blood off my toes."

"I see." He looked around again and caught sight of the pulpy remains of Mr. Dixbulry by the neighbor's doorstep. "Did you by any chance happen to step on one of the Dixbulries?"

The remains, of course, were unrecognizable: "Yes. Mr. Dixbulry in fact."

"Was it an accident?"

"No, I just felt like doing it." I grinned widely at him "I thought it might be fun."

Ian was still impassive: "And was it?"

"I'm still not sure. I would have to crush someone else to compare."

He was silent again and he looked at me gravely: "Laura," he stated "you have just stepped on Mr. Dixbulry."

"Yes!" I laughed "Isn't it great??"

By now, I was expecting him to join in the fun but he merely said: "Last week, when they beat us at poker, you promised you would make them your special meat loaf recipe. The dinner was supposed to be tomorrow."

"Oh boy, what a shame!" I said, sincerely sorry "I had completely forgotten about that! I guess he won't be attending, then..."

"I guess."

So, there we were. He was in his pajamas, standing on his doorstep, looking at me and thinking. And there I was, the giant woman, sitting on his lawn, staring at him, my big toe still dipping in his pool.

Fortunately, dear Mrs. Dixbulry helped us break the deadlock. She might have heard me laughing, or something, for she emerged from her house and shrieked.

"God, what's happened here??!!"

I smiled and waved at her:

"Hi, Mrs. Dixbulry! Good morning! I'm so sorry about the meat loaf!"

And I promptly let my open hand fall over her. She wasn't squished to pulp like her husband - after all, he had gotten all my weight - but I could feel all her bones cracking all right. She was a lot tidier than Mr. Dixbulry, I can tell you that.

"Well," I confirmed, with a broad smile "this is DEFINITELY fun!"

He sighed and turned his back on me: "Ok," he said, as he moved inside "this is a nightmare. I don't remember going to bed with you last night but... what the hell! It isn't as if it's something unusual, right?! Now, let me sleep. If you wake up first, you know how I like my coffee. If I wake up first, I'll fix you your favorite omelet, right?"

"No, wait. This is not a nightmare, it's a wonderful dream. It's everything we've been chatting about in IRC!! It's all our role-playing, our teasing each other..."

"I don't think Mr. Dixbulry enjoys role-playing a lot." he remarked, looking at the pile of smashed pulp.

My heart sunk: "I thought you would enjoy this as much as I did..."

"Oh, but I do enjoy it. For a dream, this is great. You know I always dream about you as an evil giantess. After all, I tell you all my dreams. Look," he pointed at his groin "I have a boner already. But then you always give me a boner. I love you, remember?"

"I love you too, Ian."

Another silence as he stared at me: "But this is no dream." I said "This is a dream come true. I'm a real giantess, Ian. I can be as mean and evil as in our wildest fantasies. I can have dozens of men licking my feet at the same time - you included! Isn't this sexy enough for you?! What else do you want?! And also I have just killed two innocent people without any provocation at all!"

He shrugged: "Just like you always said you'd do if you were an evil giantess..."

"But now, I am! I'm all we have ever dreamed of! Gigantic, all powerful, absolutely mean and ruthless, sexy to the bone... Ian, c'mon! It would take months for you to lick my feet completely now!"

"Like I said, if you wake up first, fix my coffee, ok?"

He started moving inside again and I interrupted:

"Wait. I see that I'll have to demonstrate."

I raised my head above his house and scanned the neighborhood. There was a boy skating nearby and no one else. I stretched my arm and collected him very carefully, pressing my fingers against his elbows so as not to let him fall and break his neck. Naturally, he was squirming.

"Calm down, honey." I said, holding him on my eye level "No one will hurt you, I give you my word. Relax." I put him onto my palm: "My name's Laura, what's yours?"

He took his time and stuttered a lot but finally managed to say: "Pete."

I grinned at him: "Nice to meet you, Pete. I'm sure we'll be friends for life. Please don't let my size scare you. I'm your friend, ok? and friends don't scare friends. So... friends?" I gave him my pinkie and he shook it silently. He was still scared. Who could blame him? I played with his hair with my pinkie: "C'mon, Pete, say something!" I pointed at Ian "Do you know him?"

"Yeah, that's Mr. Longo. He lives here but I don't see him much."

"I'm his girlfriend." I then gave him my all-time best smile "Ain't he a lucky guy?"

Finally, Pete smiled back, hesitantly: "He sure is."

"And you, Mr. Longo," I asked, mockingly "have you met Pete?"

"Yes, around the neighborhood. His parents are acquaintances of mine. He's a nice kid. Laura-

"Take it easy, Ian. I said nothing was going to happen to him. Besides, we're buddies now, aren't we Pete?"

"Sure." he said, now with a full smile. His fear having been partially wore off, Pete finally realized I was naked and he was looking at me furiously, analyzing every inch of my body. He was so young I was probably the first naked woman he had ever seen. And he was certainly enjoying the show. I didn't mind. I liked the thought of being Pete's first "woman".

"Do you like what you see, Pete?" He was embarrassed and Ian shouted:

"Laura, don't tease the boy!"

I shrugged and grinned at Pete: "Mr. Longo's a bore and he's jealous of you, Pete. So, are you enjoying yourself?"

The boy was finally loosening up: "I sure am, ma'am!"

"Don't you think I'm pretty?" I asked. He nodded enthusiastically. "The prettiest? You can look at me, Pete."

"Yes, ma'am! The prettiest dame I have ever seen!" and his eyes went all over me again. I was enjoying it too.

"And what were you doing outside so early, my friend?" It wasn't even six yet. That's why we had had so few interruptions so far.

"Delivering papers." he said, as if it didn't matter much now. It really didn't. I was going to say something but Ian cut in:

"Nice dream so far, but I have to be going. Bye Laura, bye Pete. See you all..."

"Wait!" I ordered "Remember when I said you needed a demonstration?" My right foot was still wet from the dipping in the pool, so I placed the heel of my left foot on Ian's doorstep. Then, I picked Pete from my palm: "Do you trust me, Pete?" Another nervous nod. "Ok then, it's nice to know. Relax, this won't hurt." and I slowly placed him between my big and second toes, right in front of Ian's door.

"Laura, what are you- He's just a kid-

"Shush! Not another word from you, you kill-joy. This is between my buddy Pete and I."

It was extremely hard to fit Pete between my toes without squishing him or letting him fall, but I made it: "Are you comfortable, Pete?" He bounced his head back and forth, meaning "so so". I managed to spread my toes a little and Pete took a deep breath, looking around at my big foot: "Better now?"

"Yes, ma'am." he said.

"Call me Laura, Pete."

He put his arms over the toes that were holding him and smiled: "I'm fine, Laura." The boy was just so innocent!

"Do you like my feet, Pete?"

"What do you mean 'like'?!"

"Some men go crazy over women's feet, didn't you know that? The mere sight of a female foot is enough to drive them crazy. Didn't you ever hear about this?!" Pete shook his head and I giggled: "You're right, Pete. It's always better not to get involved with these kind of perverts. I myself only learned about that when I was much older than you are now... You know, some men would die to be where you are now, all comfy between my toes like that..." and I caressed his hair with my pinkie again. Was I ever so naive?! No, certainly not...

"All right," shouted Ian "Your point is already proven!"

"Too late." I told him "And I said not another word, remember?" and then to the boy: "What do you want to be when you grow up, Pete?"

"You mean grow up like you?" Such a cute kid!

"Of course not," I laughed "grow up like a normal adult."

"Oh, I want to be an astronaut, Laura." he said Laura as one would pronounce the name of a girlfriend. I had to remember I was his one and only woman.

"An astronaut, huh? Sounds like fun to me."

"I want to work for NASA and see the stars!" he smiled.

Ian cut in again: "Laura, please-

"Shut up!" and, to Pete, "Mr. Longo is getting anxious already and, to be sincere, this position is making my toes ache. I have to get you out of there, Pete. It will only take a minute, though. I just want to prove a point to Mr. Longo here."

"No problem."

"I knew you'd say that." I smiled at him "You're a great kid! But aren't you afraid I might hurt you or something? A woman this size..."

Pete took this long eye-tour of my body again: "Nope." he said, sounding absolutely certain "You're my buddy, as you said, and buddies don't hurt their buddies!"

I pointed a finger at him: "That's it, Pete! Buddies!" He seemed totally comfortable there between my toes. I look at Ian and grinned widely at him. He knew what was coming but no longer cared. After all, this is just a dream, right?

"Besides..." Pete continued.


"You're the prettiest woman I have ever seen and I don't believe a woman as pretty as you are could hurt me."

I laughed: "Thanks, Pete. I'll remember that. It's the best compliment I have received in ages!!" Then, I curled my toes a little, rearranging Pete's position: "Now let me prove my point to Mr. Longo. It will only take a second and then I'll be done with you, Pete."

"No problem!" the boy grinned, this time with a little more discomfort.

"Ok, Ian, here we go." I held my feet up anchored on its heel and I swiveled it around so that Ian could have a better view of the toes he had already licked so many times.

"You don't have to do this because of me, Laura. This is already my best dream ever, no need to add to it..." he reasoned.

"I WANT to do it." I insisted.

He shrugged: "Ok. Only, I wonder why the heck I dreamed about Pete!"

"Go figure, huh?" I said, mockingly, while I turned my eyes to the boy. Pete was staring at both of us, inquiringly: "What's this point you want to prove, Laura?"

"You'll know soon enough, Pete. Just relax and let me tell you some things:" I increased the pressure, curling my toes a little more. My toes were directly in front of Ian; he could touch Pete, if he wanted to:

"First, thanks for saying I was the prettiest woman you had ever seen. I will never forget it, I swear. But you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, didn't your mother teach you that? That's not very smart, Pete, and you looked like a smart boy! Shame on you!"

The pressure was building and I had finally gotten Pete worried again, trying to push my toes away with his tiny arms: "You are tickling, Pete, and that is not nice. Stop it!" He didn't, and I went on:

"Another thing: forget NASA, Pete. You won't even grow up, let alone see the stars! I could also describe all you will be missing in terms of sex, but you wouldn't understand it... Good bye, buddy!"

And then I clenched my toes for real. It was a rush.

Pete was still trying to shove my toes away, with all his (ha, ha) strength, and he even managed to mutter a final word, when his head was about to explode: "Why?"

"Because you need to learn that pretty girls can do nasty things too!" and then I broke into laughter: I couldn't help it, this was just too much fun. Unfortunately, I don't think Pete ever heard my lesson: his head popped up just as he muttered his final question. I hate to waste my witticisms. At least, Ian was there to listen to it.

Boys are always messier than adults, of course, and Pete was no exception. He exploded and just spread blood all over the place. Ian was almost washed away by the crimson jet. But it was delicious: the way Pete crushed between my toes was a lot more pleasant than either stepping on Mr. Dixbulry or slapping Mrs. Dixbulry.

I kept wriggling my toes, savoring the feel of that young flesh between them and thinking about all the good things of life that Pete would never have because of me. I had not only changed his life, I had ended it for no purpose at all than simply to have fun. I was the Goddess of Evil I had always dreamed to be. Thanks, Pete!

Under Ian's untiring glare, I raised my big toe as much as possible - Ian's favorite toe position; he says it's gorgeous - while clenching my other toes down as much as possible too. At that, Pete's remains fell to the floor, by Ian's feet. I turned to him and asked sweetly: "Convinced now?"

He was too busy wiping the warm blood off his face: "You killed him."

"Yes, I did. Any more news? You're dull today, are you?"

"A poor defenseless boy."

"Defenseless yes," I agreed "poor I wouldn't know." I mused "Is his family poor?"

"With no provocation." He rearranged his dick inside his pajamas. I was finally getting to him.

"No provocation whatsoever. He was a fine boy and very nice to me all along." I conceded.

"You even broke your promise not to harm him!"

"Promises are made to be broken, darling. You know that."

"He trusted you."

"A fatal case of bad judgment, I would say. Not that it would have made a difference, of course."

He was staring at me, that time not thinking. I could see his big dick raising like a flag pole: "So, my dear, what would you call a woman that cold-bloodedly kills a defenseless child, that trusted her and whom she promised not to hurt, with no provocation whatsoever and, on top of all that, even laughs about it?"

Ian was mine now. I could see clearly, underneath his blood stained pajamas, that his dick was as hard and as high as it would ever be. He could not deny that my sexy evilness turned him on unlike anything else: "I'd call her clearly a heartless, evil and mean woman if I have ever seen one." I laughed again and clapped my hands: "The woman I love." he added.

"Oh, Ian, stop being a bore! Let's go out and have some fun. Soon the city will be waking up. What about surprising them?? Some nasty surprises?" I gave him my wickedest smile and wriggled my toes.

He let his pants fall and started masturbating himself. That was just too much for a giantess freak such as himself. I lowered my head and licked his dick lightly - at my size, I had to take care not to break it! Then I moved my foot closer to him and gave him full view of it, while I did his favorite gesture again: big toe up, other toes down.

"He wanted to be an astronaut!" I laughed, to help Ian along, while still wriggling my toes "He shouldn't have crossed my path then, right? We all know what happens to people who do. He died merely because I had a point to make... A meaningful death, I'd say. After all, what's his life compared to my points?!"

Ian only looked at me, mesmerized by my beauty and meanness: "And poor Mr. Dixbulry. He considered me his stepdaughter. So, why not step on him?" Ian masturbated furiously. When he finally came, I said: "Gorgeous, gigantic and absolutely evil. Am I not your dream woman?"

"DREAM woman!" he emphasized, putting his pants up without bothering to clean himself. "This was just the best dream I have ever had. I don't think you ever were that mean."

"Of course not!" I said, joyfully "I was never really gigantic!" but he wasn't listening:

"I can barely wait to find you. I'll make love to you as I have never made before! You're fantastic! But I still wonder..." he muttered, walking in: "Why Pete? Of all bo-

"Enough!" I shouted "Ian, you're getting on my nerves now." I reached inside and grabbed him, bringing him to eye level with me: "I say this is as real as it gets and you say it's a dream. If it's a dream, then you wouldn't mind if I crush you too, would you?"

"Well," he pondered, slightly less cooler than the usual "they say that dying in your own dreams can be bad for your health. I'd rather not."

"You'd rather! Okay! Listen, let me tell you the options: either you come with me and we'll have some fun or I'll squish you here and now. Of course, if it's a dream, why bother?" I brought him closer to my face: "I love you, you cold-blooded, giantess foot freak, but I'd crush you and you know it! I'm THAT mean!"

"Well, you'd never ever kill me in real life-

"Don't try me!"

"I'm not. Let me finish. But as this is not real life, I have already noticed that your dream persona is a lot meaner than the usual you. So, probably, you would really squish me. In this dream."


"It wouldn't really make a difference for me to die in a dream but this is by far the best dream I have ever had. I want to see how it develops."

"Yeah, right. You just don't want to concede my point."

"Can I go inside to change? I promise I won't call Godzilla to rescue me."

"If it's a dream, wise ass, why do you need to change?"

"Just in case. You never know. After all, this might not be a dream."

"Ok, go." I dropped him by the door.

Before entering, he turned to me and said: "Did I ever tell you that I love you more when you're evil and mean?"

"Only every day. You'll love me a lot more before the day is over. Go, go! We have much to do!"

Ian entered and I was left alone to muse over what would I do on the following hours. As some giantess from Ian' stories had said, so many little men, so little men to squeeze them... Anyway, I was going to have plenty of time to consider it. The sun was barely rising and I had still more blood to clean from my foot. As I dipped my toes on the red swimming pool water again, I was laughing to myself, filled with the utmost joy.

There's nothing like being evil, gorgeous and powerful.

Then, I thought about Pete and I laughed hard again. What can I do? It's so delicious it brings tears to my eyes!

Life's good, I conceded. I sighed and waited for Ian.

(end of part I - to be continued for sure...)

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